It was a short time in less than a month, but there was a time when I was persistent vegetative state(PVS). I couldn't move my body and didn't think because my brain didn't work properly. I don't even remember that time. I am interested in living things because I feel precious to being alive at this time. I might be trying to recreate what I looked like in the work.

I am inspired by the movements, forms, and structures of living things to create new forms of sculpture. The best material for this kind of work is fabric. The various textures and weights of the fabric are perfect for finding what suits the creatures I make. Shape is conceived as a development road, cut the fabric, and sew it together. The threading of fabric face-to-face is similar to the cutting and sewing of the skin doctors. You can make the shape you want by cutting and pasting it as you want. It distorts the form or structure of living things by limiting them to the frame, or reinterpret them into new forms through repetition and exaggeration. You can feel awkward or uncomfortable with the form you've never seen before.

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